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Eyebrow growth serums can be very harmful and unhealthy to us. What you should pay attention to before purchase and why is the NEYES Brow Power Serum so recommended?

You can’t wait for your eyebrows to regrow and not to wear so skinny ones anymore? It's faster with a growth serum especially for eyebrow hair! NEYES Brows introduces one of these sera ...

There are many eyebrow growth serums on the market, but once you've taken the trouble to check the package inserts for the ingredients, you'll see that only a small number of the growth sera are hormone-free. If you are looking for an effective, but drug-free serum, you will inevitably encounter the NEYES Brow Power Serum.

How does it work without all the natural ingredients?
Quite simply, the answer is a recipe of peptides, vitamins and caring extracts. Peptides are chains of amino acids, which in turn are the building blocks of hair. Through the serum, the brow hairs are filled with amino acids, so to say, resulting in cell renewal and growth. This special recipe is "Made in Germany" and stands for good compatibility and safety, without having to compromise on the effectiveness.
And that is exactly what makes NEYES Brow Power Serum so unique and so unique on the market. The serum has an airless pump system that protects the pen from drying out. One to two pump strokes are enough per application to achieve the desired results.
Recommended is a regular daily use of the product. In the first four weeks, it should be applied twice a day, then only once again. After about four to six weeks, first results can already be seen.
When applying, the transparent gel should be applied with the integrated brush and then gently rubbed in with your fingers.

Eyebrows treated with it will grow again healthy, are strong and shiny.
Once the goal of achieving fuller and thicker eyebrow hairs is achieved, the serum should continue to be used, but only every two to three days. In terms of pricing, the serum is in absolute average. Try it - you'll like it!

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