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Test: Which eyebrow shape suits your face? The face shape plays an important role.
Do the test and we'll tell you which shape is fitting your face the most and why.
To answer this question, you first have to know your face shape. This is sometimes not that easy to say. But with the following surveys, this will be a breeze!
Just follow the instructions!
All you need for this test is a measuring tape, a mirror, a piece of paper and a pen to write down the results.


To determine the distance of the cheekbones, the tape measure must be placed to the outer edge of one eye to the outer edge of the other eye. Extend it on both sides to the hairline. Write down this distance. (= Cheek)


So that the so-called jaw line can be determined, the measuring tape must be placed at the widest point of the jaw. Now the measuring tape must be leaded to the middle of the chin. The middle of the chin lies between the chin fold below the lip and the end of the chin. Multiply the value by two. Also note this value. (= Jaw)


To measure the width of the forehead, the tape measure should be leaded horizontally across the forehead from the two widest points of the forehead. Important: This line always runs above the temples! Note this distance. (= Forehead)


To determine the face length, place the measuring tape in the middle of the hairline and bring it down to the top of the chin. The bridge of the nose serves as orientation here. Also note this distance. (= Length)


Now compare your 4 values as follows:

Round face:

You have a round face if the cheek value equals the length value (cheek = length => round face shape).

Elongated face shape:

You have an elongated face shape when your face is longer than it is wide. In addition, the measured values of cheek, forehead and jaw are close together (length> cheek and cheek = forehead = jaw => elongated face).

Heart shaped face:

In the case of heart-shaped faces, the jaw is narrow and at the same time either the forehead is wide or the cheeks are wide. These faces are generally only a little bit longer than they are wide on the cheeks (up to 3.75 cm or less). (Jaw cheek => heart-shaped face).

Oval face

The oval face has the widest part of the cheek, a narrower forehead and a narrower jaw. The forehead is a little wider than the jaw. The face is longer than it is wide (cheek> forehead / jaw and cheek = highest value => oval face).

Angular face:

In a square face, the forehead, cheek and jaw part are almost the same length (forehead = cheek = jaw => angular face).

Diamond shaped face:

The diamond-shaped face is widest on the temple or on the cheekbones. It is a bit longer than it is wide. The chin is tapering. This face shape is not easy to identify (cheek> forehead and cheek> jaw and length> cheek and pointed chin => diamond-shaped face).


The perfect BROWS for your face shape!

You were able to set your face shape based on the test? Great, let's tell you which eyebrow shape best suits your face shape! Whether square, round, oval, heart-shaped, oblong or diamond-shaped - for every face shape, there is an eyebrow shape that flatters the face in an ideal way!

1. Round face shape

Neyes Brows - 1. Round face shape

A circular face, as well as less stand up cheekbones (unless one emphasizes them with rouge) are typical features for a round face shape. If you have a round face, you should set your eyebrows with a gentle, high bow and highlight the brow arch with highlighter to make the face appear more narrow.

2. Elongated face shape

Neyes Brows - 2. Elongated face shapet

Elongated faces are one of the most difficult face shapes besides the round face. The face looks very narrow and stretched out. The cheekbones are usually less emphasized, and the forehead is very high. The chin runs rather round than pointed. Most of the people with elongated faces also have a longer nose bridge, the eyes are close together.

The aim of the eyebrow shape should be to make the face look shorter. This can be achieved by a flatter eyebrow shape. Therefore, the eyebrow arch should not be too high or angular, as this would be a fault.
But too straight eyebrows, means a horizontal line, should neither be the solution. A very gentle and subtle increase is sufficient to make this face shape shorter and therefore more harmonious.

3. Heart-shaped face shape

Neyes Brows - 3. Heart-shaped face shape

Heart-shaped faces are recognizable by four features: pointed chin, emphasized cheekbones, wider jaw and centrally pointed hairline. Women with this face shape should best focus on a natural look with a soft plucked, narrower brow bow.
Perfectly defined brows are not necessary. Round or flat brows should be urgently avoided, as they do not optimize the face shape!

4. Oval face shape

Neyes Brows - 4. Oval face shape

The oval face shape usually has a roundish hairline arch and a more subtle cheekbones. Very characteristic is the shape of the chin.
For women with this face shape, dense, flat or curved eyebrows are very good. The brow bow should be rather gentle and by no means go too far, as this optically elongates the oval face. Please do not style oval or distinctive brows!

5. Angular face shape

Neyes Brows - 5. Angular face shape

An angular face shape is characterized by harder edges and more stand out cheekbones. In addition, angular faces often have a very distinctive and large surface
For those who have this face shape, eyebrows with a high, soft brow bow are just the best. But beware, do not put the bow too high, that might look quiet arrogant! In addition, wider brows look very good here.

6. Diamond-shaped face

Neyes Brows - 6. Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-shaped face shape looks, as the name suggests, very similar in shape to a diamond. This means that the hairline is usually a bit straighter, the cheekbones are very emphasized, and the chin runs slightly sharper. The temporal area is seen from the front the widest area in the face. Flat, not too wide eyebrows are best for this type of face.

From the start the brows should be soft, whereas in the end they should be pointed. This brow shape makes the face more gentle and narrower in the wide areas. The eyebrows should not be too close together, as this would only make the face appear wider and the chin even sharper.

Facial proportions, eye shape, eye size and eye distance also play a major role in determining eyebrow shape. If you want even more precise shape determination, have your face measured by a beautician
The NEYES Brows Studiofinder.

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